The Power of Instagram

When we log on our phones we immediately feel a connection between ourselves and the world around us. The social media platform that has been taking over the world right now for years already is a simple sharing app called Instagram. Each photo and comment we share feels like we are producing connections right through our screens. It might seem like any other app such as Facebook and Twitter but Instagram is something different because this app solemnly thrives on sharing pictures and captions. When I first got Instagram in the summer of 2014, I instantly got obsessed with it. It still amazes me how one picture can gather thousands of likes and even followers. I notice that if you want attention on your account you have to upload a quality picture and it didn’t matter what type of picture, either. A simple food picture can get you a couple of hundred likes and one attractive selfie can get you up to 50 followers an hour. The sense of belonging on Instagram felt like you can do anything

Moving Through the Platform

Instagram followersWhen I first got the app, I quickly went to work on how to travel through the world of the gram. First rule was that having a theme was key. A theme means having an organized layout, for example, your theme can be of nature or one color such as pink. My theme at the time was using the same filter on every single one of my photos on Instagram. Second rules was to know who was your audience. Do you want to attract music enthusiasms, international fashionables, activist from around the country, e.t.c? Knowing your audience can help you expand your platform. Then came the amount of likes and followers was the next priority. To obtain the amounts of likes there was a tool called hashtagging. It was a simple thing that anyone can do and it was everywhere. Hashtagging was a way to expand your followings and it was easy. For instance, if you had a picture of your significant other you can #goals and that will immediately reach other people across Instagram. If you want to gather a certain group you can “#” anything. I’m not sure where it came from but the process of # was a way that I got most of my likes. There was another thing called Trendy Hashtag, an app that you can buy likes and Instagram followers. It’s a strange thing to say but as an Instagramer, you learn how to create a brand for yourself. It meant that this wasn’t just a way to pass time but it meant business and creating a way to expand who you are as a person.

The Eyes of an Outsider

In the age of  social media it seems like you can broadcast anything you want. Take example the multi billionaire family Kardashians. Although they found fame through their reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the Kardashians kept their fame going through their social media on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Every app we log onto, we see them with a new selfie and with every new selfies comes more likes and followers. Today, each Kardashian member has at least 50 million followers with Kim Kardashian having the most with a tremendous 101 million followers on Instagram. How can they have so many followers and likes when they don’t do anything? That’s a misunderstanding because although they seem like any other celebrity who has fame for no reason, the Kardashians are actually businesswomen with knowledge on how to attract people. They know that through social media you can create connections with your followers. It’s about pleasure and business but what the Kardashians are doing is that they mix both of those and create a platform. In one of Kim Kardashian’s post on Instagram she will post a selfie but in this selfie, she will promote her products and some people don’t see that. All they see is a nice selfie or picture and they like but they don’t know is that Kim Kardashian is trying to sell her product without seeming to business-like. It’s just like those nice workers at the mall who say hello to you, they’re creating a connection but they are also trying to attract you so you can buy their products. Kylie Jenner will post a picture of her trying to sell you a purse but eyes from the outside see just a teen taking a picture. They know what they are doing and they do it through Instagram.

What Social Media Means to Me

Social Media to me means a way to create something for yourself. My personal Instagram account has 4 thousand followers and 1,000 likes altogether. I am trying to get people to notice me because you can get lifetime offers through Instagram. People all over the world have gotten jobs because of their accounts. You got artists, photographers, and even models getting jobs because they capture the attention of people who can get them life changing opportunities. In today’s society you can get famous because of the internet. It feels like without your Instagram you might not be anyone. Colleges and Universities look at your accounts to see if you are up to the challenge and you are right for that place. It might sound shallow but with Instagram you can find out who you are through other people. More likes and more followers can give you what you might need and that can be a partnership, a job, and even a career. Social media is a tool that some people don’t take advantage of and it’s important to know that without it some people wouldn’t have what they have right now without it. It’s a way you can take control of yourself and express how you want other people to view yourself. Overall, Instagram is a powerful way to have connections and to create something that you might not be able to create outside of anything else. The next time you log into Instagram, it can give you so endless opportunities.